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About me

I was born in 1971 as the only daughter to Croatian parents, growing up in a small and picturesque Swiss village called Stein am Rhein.

After my apprenticeship as a commercial clerk, I worked in various companies in my area and discovered my interests in accounting. Although I work in a rather analytical field dominated by numbers, I have always been very creative. I love to take pictures - especially when I am traveling or out in nature -, creating home decorations, maintaining our garden etc.

Do what you love … According to this motto I have developed my artistic skills in recent years. With beginnings in acrylic art, I discovered my great passion for the world of resin in the summer of 2020. Through this form of art, I was able to combine my intense love and longing for the sea with my enthusiasm for fine craftsmanship. I create realistic, small island and beach worlds from various natural and structural materials as well as other mixed media and refine them with high-quality resin.

Creativity has always been an important part of my life - now it has become a matter close to my heart and a passion that I could not live without. The fact that I can make other people dream and inspire them through my art makes me very happy and gives me inner satisfaction. I am always particularly pleased when I can respond to personal requests and carry out individual orders. This is how unique works are created every time, bringing the feeling of the sea and freedom to a new home.

I live with my husband, our two sons and two Havanese dogs in beautiful Hemishofen am Rhein, where I have set up my studio.


Exhibition at the Kunstkaufhaus, Stein am Rhein (Nov./Dec. 2021)

Exhibition at the Kunstkaufhaus, Stein am Rhein (Nov./Dec. 2021)

Exhibition at the Kunstkaufhaus, Stein am Rhein (Nov./Dec. 2021)

Sept. 2022                                          

April 2023


Exhibition at the Kunstkaufhaus, Stein am Rhein (Nov./Dec. 2021)

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